As a professional Grip and Lighting Technician, I’ve had a blast working on tons of exciting projects in the Boston production industry, from lighting the set of Ask this Old House, Netflix, and HBO content, to digital marketing shoots for companies like JP Morgan Chase, Stop & Shop, Fanatics Brand, and Microsoft.  In October of 2022, I joined IATSE Local #481 in the craft of Grip where I’ve had the pleasure of improving my production skills and growing my network. (see full credits list below)
R+C Agency- Lighting Install Technician
I recently had the pleasure of working with R+C Agency to help build an in-house broadcasting studio for Danone North America in White Plains NY.  Working with their talented Senior Production Manager Matt Gignac, we tackled the challenges of this unique and interesting space to install the lighting grid he designed.  
Role:  Lighting Install Technician
Ask This Old House - Grip & Lighting Technician
As the primary grip and lighting technician for Ask This Old House Season 20, I worked under Cinematographers Nick Kolinsky and Jay Mauer to bring soft natural lighting to every shot both in the studio and out on documentary-style shoots in the field.  This barn-raising project was particularly fun and it was great to see the finished building complete after months of filming!
Role:  Lighting Technician
The Guilded Age Season 2 - Lighting Technician
Working down in beautiful Newport Rhode Island at historic sites like The Marble House and Breakers mansions, I really enjoyed learning the unique techniques and skillsets of IATSE Local #52's New York-based lighting crews on this fast-paced project.
Role:  Lighting Technician
Rocky Conly Productions - PERC Kitchen Myths series
This was a super fun project tackling the myths surrounding propane.  Lighting beautiful interior spaces and working with Gaffer Joe McLeish is always a blast! 
Role:  Lighting Technician
Drum Studios - Seth Magaziner for Congress
Role:  Grip & Electric Swing
Wanderlust Content - Harpoon IPA
Role:  Grip  

Matter Communications - Postgres Vision 2022 Keynote
Role:  Grip & Electric Swing
Screen Credits
11/27-12/1/23 | Reel + CO, Danone North America studio installation build | Role: Lighting Install Technician
4/22/23-present | Hasbro, E-commerce Advertising | Role: Toy Tech (product stylist)
2/15/23-present | Mystic Dan, Independent Documentary | Role: Drone Videographer, BTS Videographer
5/21-26/23 | Reel + CO, Cetera Financial Group studio installation build | Role: Lighting Install Technician
5/6/23 | Hop Top Films, Forever Hold Your Peace (Short) | Role:  Gaffer
3/3/23 | Netflix, The Perfect Couple | Role: Grip
10/17-21/22 | HBO, The Gilded Age | Role: Lighting Technician
10/12-13/22 | Rocky Conly LLC, PERC Kitchen Myths | Role: G&E Swing
9/15/22 - 10/6/22 | Sony Pictures, Madame Webb | Role: Lighting Technician, Grip

6/29-30/22 | Wanderlust Productions, Fidelity Investments Social I Role: Grip
6/20/22 | 50 Eggs Films, Bad River Documentary (Working Title) | Role: G&E Swing
6/16/22 | Drum Studios | Seth Magaziner For Congress | Role: G&E Swing
6/15/22 | Campfire Studios, Untitled Menendez Documentary | Role: G&E Swing
6/6/22 | Matter Communications, Ed Boyajian Postgres Keynote| Role: G&E Swing
6/3/22 | Big Brick Productions, Sweet Baby Ray's Digital Ad | Role: G&E Swing
5/18-19/22 | HBO, The Gilded Age | Role: Lighting Technician
9/15/21 | Kaye Lites Inc, Microsoft Higher Ed Student Experience | Role: G&E Swing
9/11-12/21 | Blossom Street Films, Lost Nation | Role: Key Grip
Roku, Ask This Old House | Role: Primary Lighting Technician
September 2021: 1st, 9th, 10th, 13th, 20th, 21st
August 2021: 2nd, 18th, 19th, 23rd, 24th, 26th, 30th, 31st
July 2021: 20th, 26th, 28th
June 2021: 9th, 24th, 25th
7/12/21 - 9/6/21 | Netflix & Miramax, Confess, Fletch | Role: Lighting Technician
6/20/21 | First Man Films, "Little Things Yale Newhaven Hospital | Role: Grip
7/21-22/21 | Conductor Productions, Fanatics Brand Ad Campaign | Role: Grip
7/7-9/21 | Shannon Walden Productions, The Secrets We Hide | Role: Key Grip
5/16-19/21 | Hop Top Films, The Beach House | Role: Grip
6/28-30/21 | Wanderlust Content, MGH Sports Medicine Ad | Role: Production Assistant
6/23/21 | Walt Disney Studios, Free Guy (TV Promo) | Role: Production Assistant
6/16-19/21 | Vessel Productions, "Summer Grilling" Stop&Shop | Role: Production Assistant
6/4/21 | Audissey Guides, Lumen Verum Academy Teacher Interviews | Role: Location Audio, Production Assistant
5/25/21 | Noise Inc, GoGo Squeez Digital Ad | Role: Production Assistant
4/25-27/21 | Windy Films, Second Chance Hiring" JP Morgan Chase | Role: Production Assistant
4/16-19/21 I Hop Top Films, The Principle's Assembly (Drama Short)| Role: Grip
3/10-5/15/21 | ACE Greater Boston, Fundraising Documentary Short | Roles: Director, Videographer, Editor
2/19-3/1/21 | Above Summit LLC, The Anchor Down; Earn The Sunset | Role: Editor
1/15/21 | Paramount Pictures & Netflix, Don't Look Up | Role: Production Assistant
5/16-19/21 I Hop Top Films, The Principle's Assembly | Role: Grip
5/16-19/21 | Hop Top Films, The Beach House | Role: Grip
5/16-19/21 I Hop Top Films, The Principle's Assembly | Role: Grip

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